IronMan 300E

Graco IronMan 300E

Power, Durability and Capability is what makes this Graco sprayer an IronMan. From its oversized motor to its rugged, heavy-duty frame the IronMan 300E is built with extreme durability for the serious contractor who doesn’t need all the extras but does demand ruggedness.

Extreme-Duty MaxLife HD Pump
– Exclusive MaxLife sleeve and Chromex rod delivers unmatched durability and life
– Long pump design puts the intake in the material – resulting in consistent priming with even the thickest materials
– Oversized clearances ensure minimal pressure drop and increased performance

Control Lock Theft Deterrent
– Allows the user to lock/ disable the sprayer
– Protects the controls from jobsite abuse

Chrome Plated, Welded Steel Carts
– Nails, screws, blades cannot flatten these tires
– Pneumatic tire performance

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